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BNI Carrum Downs 2022

Applications close: 10th August 2022.

Leadership Team Nomination

Serving on your Chapter Leadership Team is a great way to add Visibility & Credibility to your BNI Membership, leading to more business from Members & Visitors – if the role is done well.

Leadership Team members can influence the culture and direction of the chapter which in turn can increase the return, all members receive on their BNI Investment. Is there something not to your liking in your chapter? Here’s something you can do about it.

All positions are for 6 months: October 1st to March 31st or April 1st to September 30th

Chapters with the best trained Leadership Teams, get the best possible results from BNI. To serve on the Leadership Team there is an expectation that all positions complete, BNI Business Builder Training for their role, the BNI Face to Face Zoom Leadership Team Training and a joint meeting with their team before change-over takes place.


• Conducts a professional and high energy meeting.
• Ensure all LTs are performing their roles and provide immediate feedback to them if not or recommend change to your Director.
• Monitors the chapter’s KPIs to ensure that things are running smoothly, and indicators are healthy.
• Assists the chapter to set goals and achieve them through implementation of relevant activities.
• Conduct effective LT meetings monthly. ( Chapter Success Meetings )
• Have informal meetings with key LT members to improve the chapter.
• Be pro-active.

Skills: Presentation Skills – Run a Great Meeting, Holding People Accountable, Leadership – Achieving Chapter Goals

Qualities: Inspiring, Commands Respect, Visionary – Able to Set and Achieve Chapter Goals

Vice President

• Overall responsible for the professionalism and discipline in the Chapter.
• Ensure all committees are performing to their roles and provide immediate feedback to them if not or recommend change to
Directors and President.
• Maintains the PALMS report weekly & Chapter Traffic Lights.
• Approves membership application and renewals (with Membership Committee).
• Resolves conflict in classifications and other members’ issues (with Membership Committee).
• Issues warning letters for Lateness and Absences.
• Conducts meeting when President is absent.

Skills: Computer Skills – Use and Analyze BNI Connect Data, Diplomatic skills – Communicate strong messages without offending, Getting Right Fit for Chapter – Culture & Core Values

Qualities: Role Model (Green Member), Firm and Fair, Dare to Take Action – Implement the BNI System Effectively

Secretary-Treasurer – Roles

• Prepares the Agenda and Minutes of LT Meetings. (Chapter Success Meetings )
• Monitor membership renewal and initiate the renewal process 120 days before due date.
• Inform members of dues, collect renewals and liase with BNI Office on payment, new applications and renewals.
• Maintain a record of the Members Profile and schedule the rotation of speakers for the feature presentation.
• Maintains Chapter Bank Account.
• Collects Payments for Meeting Fees, trainings & other activities.
• Updates Visitors information in BNI Connect system.
• Conducts meeting when President or VP is absent.

Skills: Computer Skills, Follow Up – On Renewal, Administrative Skills
Qualities: Disciplined, Dependable & Trustworthy, Organized

Membership Committee Chairs

Roles (at least 4 members required)

1) Community Builder & Member Engagement: Identify areas of under performance, using the Member Traffic Lights report.
Perform coaching moments with under performing members. Complete a Seven-Month Review

2) Member Relations: Identify chapter concerns, as well as differentiate between a concern and a conflict. Complete a Seven-
Month Review

3) Quality Assurance Application Due Diligence: Execute a new member application review. Complete a Seven-Month Review.

Skills: Diplomatic Skills – Communicate strong messages without offending, Getting Right Fit for Chapter – Culture & Values

Qualities: Role Model (Green Member), Firm and Fair, Dare to Take Action – Implement the BNI System Effectively

Visitor Host

(3-5 members Required)


• Create an environment that is welcoming to Visitors
• Introduces Visitors to LT & other members.
• Guide Visitors on the agenda so that they are fully engaged throughout the meeting.
• Conduct the Visitors Orientation and be ready to answer questions and share your own testimony.
• Assist Visitors to complete the application form.
• Follow up on all potential members, as there is a direct impact on referrals, business and revenue.
• Liaise with Membership Committee on the Visitor interview process, before and after.
• Use the Visitors Tracking Report and be fully responsible – chapter growth depends on you!
Skills: Presentation Skills, Tracking & Follow Up, Influencer
Qualities: Friendly, Warm, Cheerful & Caring, Professional Appearance, Belief in BNI – Successful Member

Education Coordinator

• Help members to fully understand and use the BNI system to increase their participation (and revenue).
• Works closely with the President and Membership Coordinator to educate members on relevant topics.
• Give practical tips and not theory, get experienced members to share their success stories.
• Reinforces the 5 Key Fundamentals.
• Take initiative to encourage attendance for MSP, workshops and conferences.
• Monitor the quality of Weekly & Feature Presentations. Give feedback to members.
• Invite other members, directors to present where necessary.

Skills: Delegation, Presentation & Training, Know Need of Chapter

Qualities: Enjoy Learning, Rich BNI Experience. Walk the Talk

Go For Green Coordinator

Present results of the Go for Green Challenge during the BNI announcements at the weekly BNI Meeting.

Be available to explain to Members the gap between their contributions and what steps they can implement to achieve Green member status.
Along with the MC, identifies Members who may need support in becoming a Green member and organise specific activities for Members who need coaching to get to Green in MTL, including Personal Mentors to coach Members one on one. Monthly Report at the Chapter Success Meeting giving trends & analysis of Member Traffic Lights Design communications for the LT and SGDC around recognition for Members for the Green pin. In coordination with the BNI Ambassador, plans for 100% in Green for entire chapter, and plans for all new members to be in the Green within 6 months.

Ideally a highly respected experienced and high performing Chapter Leader, such as a former President or VP. These Leaders
are Green members themselves and therefore are best placed to assist others in this Challenge.

The Go For Green Coordinator needs to fully understand Reporting2You, and should focus on:

Member Traffic Lights (shows the current status and provides information on where there are activity gaps)
Member Traffic Lights Evolution Report (shows trends across the months)& Alert Reports

Chapter Web Master – Roles

• Train new members how to log into BNI Connect and how to complete their Members Profile.
• Maintain the Chapter Website, Facebook Page and Linked-in Page incompliance with BNI Branding Policies.
• Post Chapter activities on the relevant Social Media platforms and attract potential Visitors.
• Highlight Members’ success stories including highlighting the feature presentation speaker, the Notable Networker of the
Month, and Members that have given/received large referrals.
• Post upcoming activities and training onto the Chapter website and train members to register online for trainings and
Skills: Know how to use BNI Connect, Good in Social Media Marketing, Training Skills
Qualities: Passionate about online marketing, Willing to master BNI Connect, Patient to teach
Event & Growth CoOrdinator – Roles
• Work with the Chapter Leadership Team on the Chapter Growth & Retention Plan.
• Meet with LT to determine activities that will assist the Chapter to grow in terms of size and referrals.
• Work with the NEC to develop educational moments on activities that will increase chapter size and referrals.
• Coordinate events in the chapter geared toward growth: Business Open (Visitor) Day, Focused B.O.D. (Stack Days), Personal
B.O.D, The BNI Game, Member Extravaganza – Coordinate this yearly membership growth event Coordinate attendance to
other BNI related activities and Monthly Social Gatherings.

Skills: Coaching, Influencing – Getting things done, Organizing Skills
Qualities: Systematic – Process Minded, Energetic & • Results Focused

Mentor Coordinator – Roles

• Prepare a personalised Welcome Letter with New Members Checklist for each new member.
• Implement the BNI Passport programme and appoint Personal and Member (Topic) Mentors.
• Ensure that New Members are using the BNI Passport and the Chapter Ambassadors are conducting interviews.
• Ensure that new members attend the Members Success Program (MSP) within 30 days of induction.
• Work with the Vice President and Committee to identify current members that require further support.

Skills: Coaching, Follow Up, Know BNI System

Qualities: Role Model (Green Member), Caring & Patient, Responsible

Please tick the relevant boxes below to indicate which of the following opportunities and positions you are most interested in, there are positions to suit everyone. Holding a position in the past does not exclude you from
holding it again.

Please tick the box for the roles you would you like to be considered for(Required)

Leadership Teams are chosen by selection, not election, in most positions we need members already doing BNI well, so you can influence the group positively.

If you miss out on your chosen role this time around, please review your performance and apply again next change-over.

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